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GlucoRX FinePoint 29G (12mm)
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GlucoRX FinePoint 29G (12mm)

Pack Size : 100 Sterile single use pen needles
100 Sterile pen needles. This product, intended to be used with an insulin injector, is a single use sterile insulin pen needle to be used for injecting insulin to a patient with diabetes.

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Important Usage Instructions :

1) Remove pen needle seal. 2) Click pen needle onto pen, by pressing straight down using the outer protective cap (Do not click at an angle). 3) Remove the outer protective cap. 4) Remove the inner protective cap. 5) Penetrate skin quickly and inject slowly. 6) Carefully replace the outer protective cap (if self-injecting only) 7) Unscrew the pen needle and safely dispose of it according to your physician's or pharmacist's advice. Single use only. Do not allow children to use this device without parental supervision.

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