GlucoRx HCT Glucose Test Strip - Pack Size 50 test strips

GlucoRx HCT Glucose Test Strips are used in conjunction with the GlucorRx HCT & Ketone blood glucose meter. GlucoRx HCT Glucose Test Strips use advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology with 2+2 (AC and DC) Bio Signal. The AC signal works to provide the haematocrit result, and DC calculates glucose. The meter then corrects the glucose level according to the haematocrit value for enhanced accuracy in self-management of diabetes. Features: Small blood sample is needed - 1.0µL Reaction time 5 seconds for glucose test Measurement range of 0.5 to 35 mmol/L for glucose test Only compatible with the GlucoRx HCT & Ketone Blood Glucose Monitoring System and GlucoRx Lancets.

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